Five Facts About Wells-Next-The-Sea (And Holkham!)

Wells-Next-The-Sea is perhaps one of the most popular holidaying spots in Norfolk. Loved amongst locals and visitors alike, this quaint, pretty town is steeped in history and culture.

A designated area of natural beauty, Wells is famous for its scenery, harbour, beaches, architecture, marshes and wildlife. Centred around the the stunning Quay, the town holds a special place in the heart of Norfolk folk and beyond.

We want everyone to get a chance to experience this wonderful coastal town which is why we offer a delightful range of accommodation in and around Wells such as Laylands Yard. Minutes walk from the The Quay, and possibly the closest house to the beach in the town, this excellent 3-bedroom home is a popular choice amongst family holiday goers.

Wells Holiday Property, Laylands Yard rear garden.
Laylands Yard

Here’s five of our favourite facts about Wells:

Where did the name come from?

Wells-Next-The-Sea hardly rolls off the tongue does it? Originally just known as Wells (named after the number of freshwater wells in the area), ‘next-the-sea’ was added in 19th century to distinguish it from other places of the same name. Despite the added extension, amongst most locals the town is still known simply as Wells.

The Albatros restaurant boat with a sunset background.
The Albatros Restaurant

Ever Changing tides

The beach is famous for it’s ever-changing tides, with water drifting out almost beyond sight. Interestingly the town makes use of an old war siren to warn patrons of incoming beach floodings. The siren sounds 5-10 minutes before the tide is expected to come in to allow users to vacate the area safely. On several occasions beach goers have been caught out by the speed the water drifts inland.

Wells-Next-The-Sea sandy beach.
Wells Beach

Holkham Movie Magic

Did you know Holkham beach has been a popular choice as a film set for several movies and TV shows?

Perhaps most famous for a scene at the end of Oscar winning film, Shakespeare in Love, where actress Gywneth Paltrow walked across Holkham beach in the closing scenes of the movie.

Railway town

Up until 1963 Wells-Next-The-Sea used to have it’s own railway station. Today, the station masters house, ticket office and waiting rooms are now a pottery and second hand book shop – Burnham Pottery. The station is situated just outside of town, with part of the old railway tracks running a narrow gauge railway to Walsingham.

Holkham Road running past The Quay.
Just by The Quay!

Nationally Important Town

Once upon a time Wells was an important manufacturing town supplying huge quantities of the Dutch as well as London breweries. In the 18th century is was nationally important as producer of malt with it’s iconic maltings and granaries.

Wells Old Granary
The Old Granary

Interested in visiting Wells?

We have a terrific range of accommodation in and around Wells, including popular favourites like The Nest and The Hideaway.

The Nest is an ideal little getaway for couples who are looking for a few days away and a bit of relaxation time, whilst The Hideaway can host up to four guests making it ideal for families and small groups of friends!

… And don’t forget the newest addition to our portfolio, the charming, Abbey House Cottage!

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