North Norfolk


Nestled between the lively seaside resort of Hunstanton and the picturesque town of Sheringham, you will find Cromer, a popular seaside resort praised for it’s sandy beaches, spectacular coastline and famous pier. Set within an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

Like many of Norfolk’s beaches, Cromer beach was awarded the prestigious Blue Flag status back in 2015. The international quality mark recognises high standards of cleanliness and safety, as well as the water quality. As such, Cromer is an ever popular tourist attraction and must see when visiting Norfolk. During the summer months it’s patrolled by lifeguards, making it favoured by families and swimmers. And if it’s a bit too cold to don the swimwear, why not grab your winter warmers and stroll along the sand – there really is no better place to go for a relaxing walk.

The famous Cromer Pier

You can’t visit Cromer without paying a visit to the famous Cromer Pier. The Grade II listed, 151 metre long traditional Victorian pier was awarded Pier of the Year in 2015 by the National Pier Society. And if that’s not enough, it’s also one of the only seaside pier’s in the UK with a fully functioning – and thriving – theatre, and the only end of Pier theatre to put on it’s own in-house variety show!

Feeling peckish? The uniquely located Tides restaurant at the end of the Pier serves up all of the seaside favourites, from fish and chips to fresh Cromer crab - if the season’s right.


What better way to spend an afternoon than a spot of crabbing. Cromer is widely recognised for being the best place for crabbing, with all of the seaside stores selling everything you need to get started. Check out our fool-proof crabbing guide below:

– Tie your bait (crabs love bacon!) and a small weight to your line.
– Fill a bucket with seawater and a little seaweed
– Lower your bait in to the water and wait until you feel a crab pulling
– Gently pull your line out of the water (it helps if you have a net to catch in to!)
– Crabs can nip! So be sure to hold them between two fingers on each side of the shell with them facing away from you.
– When you’re done, walk down to the seafront to release the crabs and watch them scuttle away!


If crabbing is a little too tame for your liking, why not try something a bit more adventurous and take to the sea on a surfboard. Cromer’s lifeguarded beach allows you to try your hand at surfing or stand up paddle boarding safely, both of which can be hired at Glide surf school on the sea front. They even offer lessons if you’re really keen!

A few fun facts about surfing:
- The biggest wave ever recorded was 1738 feet!
- The most people to ever stand on one surfboard is 47.
-The first account of surfing was given in 1778 by Captain James Cook when he saw it being practiced in Hawaii!

“I could not help concluding this man had the most supreme pleasure while he was driven so fast and so smoothly by the sea.”
- Captain Cook

Exploring on foot

Get away from the crowds and embark on a cliff walk along the top of Cromer, offering spectacular views of the beach and a abundance of wildlife. You can go as far as East Runton or Overstrand on foot, and Cromer makes up part of the Norfolk Coast Path making it the ideal base for walking holidays.

If long distance walking isn’t your thing, why not explore the town centre and relax in one of the many independent cafes, restaurants and tea rooms Cromer has to offer. Make a day of it and visit the RNLI Henry Blogg museum on the beachfront, the Cromer museum or the church.

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