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City of Norwich

Norwich city breaks have become more and more popular over recent years. Many are discovering the joy of experiencing all the unique and charm that Norwich has to offer. Looking for a weekend away, or a short holiday? Consider staying in one of our many wonderful Norwich city holiday homes.

The city’s geographical separation from other English cities has infused it with a rich character all of its own, an invigorating mix of past and present; of openness and an offbeat charm. It’s a city where an unrivalled collection of heritage landmarks, spanning over 1,000 years, blends beautifully with striking 21st century architecture. A city alive with an inclusive atmosphere, compact enough to make you feel at home in days, but with enough sights, local delights and cultural vibrancy to entertain you for weeks.

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A rich history

Originally known as 'North Wic', ('Wic' being an old name for a port), the city started as a small Anglo-Saxon settlement north of the river Wensum. The name Norwich first appeared on a coin minted in the early 10th Century and by the turn of the 11th Century Norwich was alongside London as one of the two biggest cities in England. Today the county's heritage is proudly displayed in its castles, cathedrals, stately homes and museums.

Take a trip to Elm Hill

One of Norwich's most famous streets and a great example of the city's medieval past. In 1507 a major fire destroyed much of the original buildings however they were soon rebuilt and became a popular destination for tourists, photographers and film makers alike.

A top 10 UK shopping destination

The city is a shopping haven, with four department stores, two shopping centres and lively market where you will find unique items and delicious food 6 days a week. It's the largest permanent undercover-cover market in Europe! Venture off the high street and you will be rewarded with a multitude of independent and boutique stores set amongst Norwich's quirky narrow lanes, you never know what you will discover!

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