Adventure Ashram Partnership

We are thrilled to announce that Norfolk Holiday Properties are proud partners of Adventure Ashram (UK registered charity No.1122629). Adventure Ashram are committed to supporting some of the world’s most vulnerable communities through education and anti-human trafficking projects in south India. Working alongside their Indian grassroots partners, Adventure Ashram help rescue and rehabilitate young survivors of human trafficking, domestic abuse and child marriage and provide underprivileged children from rural communities access to education.

Adventure Ashram work closely with their charity partners, Odanadi Seva Trust, to help stage rescues to underground brothels run by trafficking gangs and cover the running costs of two safe houses in Mysore India, which can house up to 100 women and children at any one time. The survivors gain access to education and tailored therapeutic support including counselling, yoga, karate, acupuncture, social services, and legal support. The residents are also provided with vocational training opportunities enabling the survivors to learn a trade, gain financial independence and eventually reintegrate themselves into society as confident young people.

To date they have helped:

  • Rescue and rehabilitate more than 13,000 women and children
  • Re-unite 1400 trafficked children with their families
  • Bring 410 traffickers to justice
  • Provide more than 600 survivors access to vocational training opportunities

Alongside their Indian grassroots partner, Grace Charitable Trust, Adventure Ashram is helping fund the education of more than 250 tribal children in Tamil Nadu, providing underprivileged children and their families greater opportunities for further study, economic security, and a more fulfilled life. Adventure Ashram have also funded the purchase and running costs of 2 school buses and built 3 tuition centres in local villages, enabling local children safe transport to and from school and access to educational support.

Norfolk Holiday Property customers will now be able to add on a donation to Adventure Ashram when booking their next holiday, helping to support this vital education and anti-human trafficking work in India. Find out more about Adventure Ashram’s work here

We have more exciting plans up our sleeves to support Adventure Ashram’s charitable work to be revealed a little later in the year!

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